“Know Now” BY magictoy* (USA)

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“Know Now” is the latest single by magictoy*, a producer / musician based in New York.

The song is a gentle Indietronica piece with elements of Dream Pop and brief outbursts of Glitch in a few moments.

The key principle of the piece is Minimalism, the beat is minimal and steady save for a short interlude in the bridge, followed by distorted sounds and a short distorted second bassline, which felt a bit out of place, and the main instrument is a synth pad providing the chords.

The atmospheric synth pad, the Casio-like lead that appears at times, the soft vocals and the wordless vocal parts at the edges of the song give a dreamy and childlike vibe, while masking the pain in the lyrics, which is an heartfelt plea to a significant other to stay, warning about the unavoidable loneliness that will surely follow.

My main issue with the tune is, as usual, the muffling of the vocals under the mix, the synth pad might give the right atmosphere, but they also impose themselves in the verses and choruses, and googling for the lyrics was futile.

All in all, it’s a very pleasant and sweet tune.

“Myopic” BY Sewnshut (Norway)

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Sewnshut is a one man project from Molde, Norway, and he released his 2nd album “Myopic”, last July 3rd on his own label, Sluggish Tapes.

The music in the album is a hypnotic concoction of Electronic lo-fi with Ambient elements thrown in for a good measure, all instrumental.

The album takes you on a trip through different moods, all achieved with changes of tempo, aggressive synth lines with minimal rhythms, aggressive rhythms with minimal synth lines, dreamy synths lingering from the background to disappear quickly again, melodies that appear from nowhere in the middle of the track to grab your attention, atmospheric pads to give a short burst of warmth, and so on.

This music is not danceable (to me anyways), this is not music to enjoy in the background or listen with a book, this is a record made to grab your consciousness by the shoulders and make you listen to it with your full attention and think throughout its duration, this is a record that if you listen in a dark room, you might develop synesthesia sooner or later.

If I have to choose a highlight from the album, it would be the opening track, “Rimb”, with a melodic chiptune-like lead synth, it invites you to join the trip with a strange grin in its face.

While I said earlier that the music is not danceable, at times this record somehow gives you the feel that you are dancing even while lying without moving a single muscle, a fascinating experience.