Single Review: “The Idea of Having a Boyfriend”

“The Idea of Having a Boyfriend” is the latest single by Post Rome, a 3-piece band from Sunderland, UK, self-released last December, 14.

The trio is composed of: Jasper Watson on bass and vocals, Ben Goodfellow on guitar and vocals, and Jamie Martin on drums.

The track is an expansive indie-rock anthem, with big choruses, big hooks, and big harmonies, served with a big helping of righteousness, it has to be one of the biggest indie hits of 2021, on second thought, let me rephrase that, it’s going to be one of the biggest indie hits of 2021, even if it was released last year.

The track starts with a bang, the chorus in all its sheer width kicks in, letting us know that this band means business and they’re not fooling around:

The idea of having a fucking boyfriend

It leaves you needy

You don’t need us

You need Jesus

Please believe us

The chorus is repeated several times throughout the song, as if they want to grab us by the shoulders and make themselves clear about their message: to stop people yearning for some ideal romance, or any ideal for life not grounded in reality and get a grip on themselves, or, to put it simply: get a life.

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Post Rome – fLTR: Jamie Martin, Jasper Watson, Ben Goodfellow.

The main verse also deliver a similar message of disapproval, taking into account the  overload of social media in our lives:

I need another escape from you

Here is the reason why

9 forms of social media

Is too much for this guy

Towards the final third of the tune, a break takes place, the tension slowly builds up until it reaches its climax right at the final line, ending the song with the same intensity as it began.

The final result is a highly satisfying tune, as mentioned before, it has “hit single” written all over it, the production is crisp, and all of us should get used to the idea of this band aiming for even higher goals.

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