Single Review: “Blackbird”

“Blackbird” is the latest single from Crying Beauty Queens, an indie-rock trio from Manchester, UK, composed of guitarist and singer Jordan Price, drummer Paddy Murphy, and bassist Alex Hurlstone, self-released this past November 20th.

The track is an intense brew of goth-infused indie-rock with marked post-punk elements thrown in for good measure, descending minor chords presage a gloomy mood.

The song is a goodbye letter for a departed friend, bringing images of graves, funerals, unanswered questions and the all-ominous symbolism of the blackbird:

The blackbird settles on your grave,

Whilst the priest calls out your name.

The heart’s dead, the mind’s alive,

Wondering how she survived.

The reason for the death of the person is not stated, but it’s stated between the lines that she was taken too soon from this world.

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Crying Beauty Queens – fLTR: Alex Hurlstone, Jordan Price, Paddy Murphy.

The track also presents a series of interesting contrasts, the verses and choruses keep the dark themes while Jordan sings in a soft and melodic voice, and they’re followed by surprisingly uplifting interludes of spiky and twitchy post-punk, where Paddy’s hyperactive and frantic drum fills shine through those segments without missing a beat.

In conclusion, the single is a big step forward in their progression, the band brought to our attention what appears to be their best release to date, a very intense and focused effort that hints at a promising future for this band.

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