Single Review: “Nihilistic Dreamer”

“Nihilistic Dreamer” is the latest single from Senseless Optimism, the musical project of Brit Tsewole from Lowell, MA, self-released this November 27th.

The track is another dreamy display of Brit’s special blend of Jazz-influenced Indie-Pop, sprinkled with her unique voice on top, a soothing smoky contralto sounding unlike anything else I’ve heard in the genre.

In addition to her voice, the most noticeable feature in her music is her compositional talent, with her unusual chord structures and guitar playing, she plays with the pop rulebook, adding her own artsy doodlings into it.

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Brit Tsewole – Senseless Optimism

The song is a melancholy-laden tune about the desire to escape, escape from our situation, from our past, or from a stiffening place:

And now I wonder why I try.

Fly my way outside,

Fly away.

The minor chords are in charge, augmenting the negative feelings with the desolate guitar strumming, with a brief sweet interlude towards the end of the song, like a sunny daydream in the middle of a dreary day, only to return to reality in the final bars.

The final result is like a honey lemon tea, with extra lemon, it may be heavy and sour but the sweetness goes up to the tongue in droplets, something unusual to make sense of an unusual approaching winter.

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