Single Review: “Sad Eyes”

“Sad Eyes” is the latest single from “The Shop Window”, a band from Maidstone, UK, to be self-released this November 27th.

The core of the band, Carl Mann and Simon “Syd” Oxlee, have a long experience in the music scene, playing together in some form or another since starting in the mid 90’s as a band named Westpier, and together with Martin Corder and Phil Elphee, they bring to our ears a brilliant Jangly Power-Pop anthem.

Interestingly the track sounds nostalgic yet refreshing, a homage to the great bands of the pre-britpop days but at the same time forward-looking with lots of vigor, it begins with 4 bars of a lone jangly guitar line with the rest of the band joining in with a bang, letting us know that things are going to get intense.

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The song is a bittersweet tale of shared moments between Carl and his Grandmother, it’s a song filled with love, an ever-lingering feeling of the unavoidable end, and the importance of enjoying those moments together and cherishing them while you still can.

The poignancy of the tune is well expressed in the lyrics:

I showed you photos of your great grandson

How he’s grown, how he smiles

Reminds you of when I was young

For a moment time stood still

Thanksgiving is not celebrated around these parts (Israel) but the song lovingly stressed the point of how all of us should be thankful to our Grandparents and cherish every moment we can still spend with them, I sure will.

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