Single Review: “Take Back”

“Take Back” is the latest single from The Kintners, a husband and wife duo from Henrietta, TX, featuring songwriter Nathan Peter Illes, to be self-released this November 24th.

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The song is a Folk-Rock gem with a harder, bluesy vibe where acoustic guitars coexist successfully with slightly distorted electric jabs, a Hammond organ provide a melancholic tone, setting the stage for singer Keri Kintner’s clean, melodic voice and Kelly Kintner’s backing vocals to join in sweet and melodious harmonies in the chorus.

The sweetness in the vocals and harmonies mask the lyrical subject of the aftermath of a painful heartbreak, and the struggle to overcome it:

You’re mistaken if you’re thinking you can come back to me

you can’t take back my love once you break my heart like that

I don’t wanna talk about it

I can’t see the point anymore

The production is well above average, the vocals were given a proper and noticeable care, the different instruments (especially the acoustic guitar) are well balanced and don’t drown the vocals, the attention to detail is well noted.

The song is a lovely homage to late 60s pop, especially in its more rocking sides, it’s a single that you won’t stop listening repeatedly and loving it all over again.

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