Single Review: “Escapism”

“Escapism” is a single released by Senseless Optimism, a project of a musician named Brit from Lowell, MA, last September 4th.

Its 2 tracks are dreamy bedroom pop tunes with a pronounced jazzy edge, with lyrics about escaping, as the title implies, escaping from one’s fears, escaping from a dreary reality.

As the creator stated:

Escapism is two songs about wanting to escape my current mindset of hopelessness, depression, and defeat. It’s a single about finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

The first track, “My Mind” opens with a jazzy guitar strumming and Brit’s soulful voice, giving the feeling of a warm, welcoming embrace, the violin sounds just enhanced the experience, the song talks about being trapped by fear but with a strong yearning of transcending above them.

The closing track, “Run Away”, is a more romantic offering, pleading with another person, perhaps a significant other, to just leave it all behind and run away, it’s a more optimistic song, where the feelings of hope for a better tomorrow are more explicit.

The final result is a gorgeous piece of music, a sonic equivalent of cotton candy with a lemony twist, this music cannot escape your ears, and your affection.

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