“Save me from myself” BY Tanner Knapp (USA)

Stream or buy the sngle on Distrokid.

Singer-songwriter Tanner Knapp from Pittsburgh, PA brings us the first single from his soon-to-be-released debut EP.

The single is an acoustic track with delicate touches of bass and synth pads lingering in the background, in his most minimalist single to date, with lyrics about regret and self-loathing, as evident in the title and the line:

Things that were said and done

Came back to fuck me up


The slow tempo, the gentle strumming and Tanner’s subdued voice deliver an air of resignation to an undesired outcome, of things lost and of looking back in pain, but it is evident in the little hints thrown during the song that a gleam of hope is hiding somewhere, just waiting to be found.

The song looks like a promising snippet of a very interesting EP, and I’ll definitely wait for its release.

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