“.​.​.​because you’re falling, i’m only falling faster” BY mybittersweetheart (USA)

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I have to admit, in a very shallow way, that the first thing that caught my attention to mybittersweetheart‘s debut EP is the cover, in all its neon Fuchsia glory.

Being a late 80’s kid, the color Fuchsia somehow transports me to the obliviously very happy days of my childhood in Argentina while the country faced impending doom, but I digress…

While impending doom is not the vibe that I get while listening to this EP, the overall mood is different shades of negative.

mybittersweetheart, hiding his identity behind beautiful abstract Fuchsia filtered snaps, gets his soul naked for the whole world to listen to in the form of songs about deep sadness, loneliness, depression, self-hate, unrequited love, and much more, all played in a lo-fi collage of Emo, Synthpop and Post-Punk.

Take it from the artist himself:

‘…because you’re falling, i’m only falling faster’ is everything that i needed out of my system. these songs capture a turbulent haze of everything i hate about myself, as they are sonic caricatures of who i am at my worst and what my mind feels/sounds like in times of distress and despair.

My choice for the highlight of the EP is the opening track: “getting by(e)”

The song, a great synth-pop piece with emo screams popping from the shadows towards the end, showcases the talent of mybittersweetheart, he definitely knows how to write a pop song, and I say it as a big compliment because he has a great ear for catchy melodies, a knack for arrangements, and a well-tuned voice.

Judging from this song, I couldn’t help but think that mybittersweetheart is a side-project of an already established musician.

Save the opening track and the haunting “february”, a song about feelings of loneliness and longing for a lost love slowly turning into a chaotic downward spiral of obsession and paranoia, the rest of the EP is a bit musically uneven and unfocused, but lyrically it does transmit the pain and honesty of the artist, as he states in his page:

 …i really hope for with this EP is for someone somewhere to gain something from my pain—and maybe understand where i’m coming from.

In that case, Mission Accomplished.

If mybittersweetheart is indeed a “sad kid havin fun”, crafting tunes from a bedroom somewhere in Ohio, he can go far with a more focused approach to his music, I’ll definitely keep an eye on him.

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